Security Window Film Denver

Security window film is typically a thicker, clear counterpart to more traditional films. While it is used in various applications, the more common ones are to deter smash-and-grab theft or to protect a pane of glass from vandalism. Since these films are clear, they are very difficult to detect once installed on glass.

Thicker security films are more effective at keeping someone from entering through a window, while the thinner types work well in the anti-graffiti role. Someone attempting to smash a window out to gain entry may still break the window, but will have a hard time getting through a multi-layered security film and will usually move onto to easier targets. “Taggers” will still use spray paint or some other etching implement to vandalize a window, but with a thin security film in place, they are actually only damaging the tint and not the glass beneath it. The tagged film is then simply removed from the glass and replaced with a fresh piece, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass itself.

If you look for it, security window film is all around Denver. Light rail trains usually have some on every interior window. It can also be found around light rail stations themselves. Many retailers downtown, especially along the 16th Street mall, have been using security film for years to keep vandalism costs down. Certain types of films are even used to strengthen glass in hurricane-prone areas, or on government or other public buildings to aid in blast abatement.

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