Frosted Glass Film Denver

One type of specialty film is the opaque, or “frosted” variety. This type of frosted glass film has the look and feel of real frosted glass, but at a fraction of the price. The effect is just like the real thing: it has a soft, light-diffusing look while ensuring privacy.

It can be used around the home or business to great effect. Frosted glass film can be applied to pantry door windows, utility room door windows or front door windows. It’s also great on garage door windows, since it lets light in but keeps prying eyes out. Frosted glass film works well in sensitive areas of the house like bathtub windows, especially if your house is a little too close to the neighbor’s. Frost film can be installed on a glass partition to delineate space and provide privacy, as in a master bedroom / master bathroom space without a door.

After Frosted Glass Film Frosted glass film is just as effective in a business environment. It can be used to great effect as a decorative feature. Frost film can also be used to obscure inventory, or to block an unsightly stockroom from view. Many conference rooms are partitioned off with glass panels. While this certainly looks dramatic, privacy is non-existent. Frosted glass film is a great fix for this problem, and it looks fantastic, too.

While white is the most common type of frost film, other colors are available as well, and in various levels of opacity. Grey frost film is very effective in commercial build-outs, when a focal wall is constructed over an existing window, as this type of film is dark enough to hide metal studs in most cases.

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