Clear Bra Denver

Call it “clear bra”, “invisible bra”, or “paint protection film” – if you live in Denver, chances are you’ve heard of it or have had it on a vehicle.

Clear bra is a clear urethane film which is typically applied to chip prone metal parts of a vehicle, usually the hood and fender areas. This product has been widely used for decades, and is a fantastic alternative to those unsightly black vinyl bras of the past. Unlike a traditional bra, which requires routine removal and cleaning to ensure sand and other debris are not in contact with and scratching the paint, clear bra is applied directly to the paint. And, since it’s clear, it is very hard to detect on the paint at all.

Winters in Denver can be harsh. The sand put down on road surfaces isn’t really sand at all, it’s more like small gravel. Driving around town or the mountains without a clear bra virtually guarantees paint damage, with the only way to repair it being costly paintwork.

Clear bra works by absorbing the energy from the particles impacting its surface, thus protecting the paint below. A basic clear bra application protects the front of the hood and fenders, but there are many other areas people choose to protect as well. Costly headlight assemblies, fog lights, mirror backs, door edges and door handle areas, rear bumper areas or even the entire front bumper can be protected with this versatile product.

While it by no means makes your car’s finish invulnerable, it is highly effective at protecting against common road damage caused by sand, bugs, and debris. If it becomes damaged it can be removed and replaced, often with the paint underneath untouched.

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