About Technical Tinting & Clear Bra, LTD.

Marc BeckHello. My name is Marc, and I am the owner / operator of Technical Tinting & Clear Bra, LTD. I have been working in the window tint and clear bra industry for twenty years. I am a detail oriented, type ‘A’ person who strives to provide my clients with the highest level of workmanship and customer service.

Since my reputation is on the line every time I perform a job, I am very particular about the quality of work I deliver to my clients. This philosophy has been the cornerstone of my business since the beginning, and every day is an opportunity to earn more clients by simply being the best I can possibly be.

Before venturing out on my own, I ran another local shop. Managing the business was the easy part – managing other window tinters was not. This is the reason I work alone. I know precisely how long things are going to take me to do. I know the work will be up to my quality standards. My clients appreciate the fact that when they hire me, they get ME. This is not usually the case at other shops. Often, two or three people will tint a vehicle. Good for the shop, bad for the customer, as there are usually marked differences in the abilities of the people working on the vehicle.

Consistency and quality are what keeps clients coming back. The people who hire me are not looking for the cheapest price or the fastest turn-around. Many tell me they don’t care what it costs, they like my work.

I take care when I am working on a vehicle, or when I am tinting in a home or business. My goal, aside from doing the best job I can do, is to leave things as I found them. I am a very conscientous worker.

When I am not working, I enjoy many of the great things our state has to offer… golf, fishing, the mountains, a fast car and the open road. Additionally, I am an Army veteran and hold a Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College.